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Past Events year 2018/2019

GWAV Activities

 In the year 2018/2019, we have had two worship nights that have been planned by the Youth.

  • 24th to 27th Feb, a total of 15 youth members participated in the mission to Mosiro Kajiado North.
  • 22nd March 2019, the youth held their first worship night. They invited youth from all over Sukari who showed up, a total of 60 people came in that night.
  • 23rd March, a total of 30 members went to the Kingongo Prison mission in Nyeri. All youth member came home with a different perspective about life.
  • On April 25th 2019, GWAV members went visiting with the differently abled in our church and prayed with them as well as encouraging them.
  • 1st June, a total of 30 youth went for the Thika Level Five Hosiptal Mission and prayed with the sick.
  • 19th July 2019, we held a worship night with the themed “Open Heavens”. There was a move of God in the place and many of the people loved worshipping there. 
  • 8th to 20th September 2019, Gwav members actively participated in the door to door evangelism in conjunction with the GETON Team from KU. This helped us see the need to hear the Gospel by the people out there.

GWAV members have also been invited to minister to other churches in Praise and Worship. This shows that God has enabled us to be examples in worship to other Christians out there.

  • 30th June 2019, GWAV members ministered at the Grace Community Church Ministries in Kitengela.
  • 27th June 2019, GWAV praise team was invited to ACK St. Peters church Kahawa Sukari to minister during their full night Kesha.

GWAV also carried out some social activities which included

  • 9th March- Gwav Annual Dinner was held on this day at Loswani Hotel along Kiambu road. It brought together 63 youth members. The dinner was dedicated to welcoming 2018 ex candidates. The dress code was elegance.
  • April 16th and 17th 2019- These two days were within the Youth week. We had a game night that was characterized by dancing and teamwork. We also had open mic sessions where we had people do presentation.
  • April 19th2019- We had a Gwav goat eating session. Fun and games as well.


Health Board Activities

  • Healths talk to gwav. The health members carried out a health education on 14/4/2019 on various health topics of youth concerns and as requested by them. Topics taught included: ovarian cyst, cervical cancer, contraceptives, skin disorders and management of stress.
  • Health inspection for the church and school facilities – A health inspection of the school and the church premises was done on 20/1/2019.
  • The medical camp for the congregation – This was done on 19/5/2019 by the health team members in conjunction with AAR health team & ST Francis hospital. The following services were offered:
    • Rapid prostate specific antigen test to detect risk for prostate cancer.
    • Diabetic screening.
    • Total cholesterol for early detection of heart diseases.
    • Dental  checkup, Blood pressure.
    • fat to detect persons fat percentages
    • Consultation/ review- several ailments
    • Eye checkup.
    • Other basic medical checkup included BMI, Blood pressure, blood sugar, deworming and medication.
  • Health week – The health week was conducted on 15th – 21st October 2019.


 Boys and Girls Brigade Activities

  • In training by national trainers – On 1st December 2018, boys and girls brigade held a one-day seminar in training for the newly elected members in order to familiarise them on what brigade is all about. They were taught about the four
  • Retreat – On 22nd and 23rd March 2018, the brigade officers and our patron had a lovely time during a retreat at Jaqanax Resort in Naromoru . Here we had various team building activities to help us bond and share ideas on how to strengthen the brigade group.
  • Camp at Sagana – On 26th April 2019, the brigade children, officers and the Patron of the group attended a camp at Sagana (Camp Malta). At the camp the children nurture several skills and get to know more about nature leading to a strong character.
  • Basic training and brigade week – As per our calendar of events, the week took place between 5th to 11th August 2019. In preparation of this we had a meeting with the available district officials and parents of the boys and girls brigade to sensitise them about the brigade week.
  • New leaders’ election 2019/2020 – On 22nd September 2019, elections for new office of 2019/2020 took place. As usual the meeting was poorly attended as district officials do not want to be elected. Those who had not completed three years continued while those who had finished their three-year term stepped down.


 Christian Education Activities

  • Christian education leaders seminar –As per the calendar of events the event took place on the 16th Feb 2019 at Sajorec Gardens Juja .
  • Form one adjustment seminar – This successful event took place in BTL on 18th December 2018. The topic was on adjusting to become responsible teenagers by Lydia Ngwiri and Winnie Gitau.
  • Christian education leaders SEMINAR – As per the calendar of events the event took place on the 16th Feb 2019 at Sajorec Gardens Juja.
  • C.E.week – The successful event was held from 25th February 2019 and culminated with a powerful Sunday (3rd March 2018) service by Rev Kahuho Ngatia.

Other activities included:

  • Inter District Exchange Programme: To all Districts from 27th February-2nd March,2019.
  • GWAV Fellowship Visitation: A Topical Issue was presented to GWAV by Marion Maina
  • Teens seminar – This successful event took place at Mariapolis on 16th April 2019.The attendance was overwhelming.
  • GWAV career Sunday – The successful event was held on the 22nd June 2019 at Sukari Presbyterian Academy. A total of 64 youths and 43 teens attended the seminar. Students were divided into groups where topics relevant to the groups were addressed by invited speakers.
  • Gatongora mission – The Christian education team visited Gatongora School on 14th July 2019.Various revision books were given out while the Treasurer gave out a very motivating topic to the children. The Parish Minister was also in attendance and gave a powerful sermon.
  • Family focus Sunday – The successful event was held on 18th August 2019 at the church premises. The attendees were divided into different groups where they were taken through different topics depending on their needs.


 Church School Activities


  • Vocational Bible School (VBS week) – Vocational bible study week was successfully held on 19/11/2018-23/11/2018 from 8.30am - 3.30pm. We had 5 facilitators from scripture union assisted by our own church school teachers who volunteered through the period.
  • Church School Week – We observed Church school week on 26/11/2018 - 02/12/2018. Church school children participated in various activities as per the church school programme for the year. On Sunday 2nd December 2018 we had the climax of the week where children lead in various tasks during the main service.  We glorify God for the good work.


  • Bible Eagle Club Fun Day – Group 3 children represented the church school in a fun day for Bible Eagle club on Saturday the 01/12/2018. This was held at All Saint Cathedral Primary School. Once again we thank the church for facilitating this activity.


  • Group 4 graduation – Church school graduated 18 of our Group 4 church school children into the teen’s ministry on 06/01/2019
  • Church school district leaders’ seminar – Church school held a successful seminar for the church school district officials on 12/01/2019. The topic of the day was “Understanding the role of a church school district official at district level and parish level” we had 35 leaders attending. We give glory to God and trust that we shall be able to serve the children’s ministry in the best way possible.


  • Group 1 and 2 trip – We held a fun trip for group 1B, 1C and group 2 children on 17.02.2019 at Vipe View Fun Park located at Gwa kairu-Kiambu County. We had 122 children and 17 adults; teachers and parents.

MARCH 2019

  • Teachers seminar – We held a successful seminar for new teachers to be commissioned on 02/03/2019. We had 17 teachers in attendance. Rev Kahuho Ngatia gave us the devotion.

APRIL 2019

  • Teachers seminar – We held a successful seminar for new teachers to be commissioned on 06/04/2019. This was facilitated Elder Mercy Njagi.  We had 11 teachers in attendance.
  • National teacher conference – This year’s national teacher’s conference was held on 10th-13th April 2019.  We were represented b 2 teachers. Josephine Ndoria and Samuel Karaba.
  • Group 4B (Class 8) Seminar – This seminar was held on 27/4/2019 at Maxland hotel, Juja. We had 12 children and 5 teachers in attendance. We had two facilitators; Ev. Mahinda Kamau who took us through the topic of laying a Godly foundation and Leading a successful life by Ken Kamau a motivational speaker.
  • Commissioning for new teachers – We had a successful commissioning on 28/04/2019 where we had 16 teachers commissioned. We give glory to God for the continued growth of the church school ministry.

JUNE 2019

  • Teacher retreat – We had a fruitful teacher retreat on 21/06/2019-22/06/2019 at BTL –Ruiru.

JULY 2019

  • Regional Seminar – There was a Regional Seminar at PCEA Nairobi West on 27/07/2019. The following officials attended.  Patron Elder Karanja Kiboi, Edith Muhindi, Josephine Ndoria & Pascal Mutwiri.


  • Group 3 and 4 trip – Group 3 & 4 Church School Trip   held on 24/08/2019 to Karura Forest. We had 52 kids, 10 teachers and 4 external facilitators. Church school teachers observed our prayer day for children’s ministry on 20/08/2019 as per the scheduled church programme. We thank God for this noble initiative.


  • Sports evangelism – We had the event on 15/09/2019 at the 6acre plot along Kahawa Sukari avenue. This involved children, teachers and parents. It was a fun filled day and we thank God for the privilege.


Missions & evangelism

  • Kesha – We held 3 half night Keshas during the year on the following dates:-
    • On 31st December 2018 to usher the New Year
    • 28th June 2019
    • 27th September 2019
    • 23rd August 2019


  • Prayer Retreats – We held four (4) prayer retreats during the year.
    • 17th November 2018         -           Mt. Olive
    • 23rd February 2018           -           Mt. Olive
    • 27th July 2019                   -           PCEA Sukari Sanctuary
    • 17th August 2019               -     PCEA Sukari Sanctuary
  • Prison visits – On 23rd March 2019 we visited King’ong’o Prison in Nyeri which has a population of almost 1700 prisoners. Seventy five (75) Missioners and close to 30 GWAV members visited. The theme of the mission was drawn from the book of Mathew 11:28. We ministered to a total of 1,150 male prisoners and forty (40) female prisoners & nine (9) children. 15 people gave their lives to Christ.
  • Mission to schools – During the year, we made visits to Uhuru Kenyatta secondary school as follows:-
    • 18th & 22nd January 2019
    • 1st & 15th February 2019
    • 8th & 12th March 2019
    • 22nd & 24 May 2019
    • 19th June 2019
    • 17th July 2019
    • 27th September 2019
  • Weekend Challenge at SPSS – We held a weekend challenge between 1st -3rd March 2019 and 26th -28th July 2019. The students were empowered spiritually by guest speakers. Ten (10 students gave their lives to Christ. We give glory to God.
  • Seminars – A seminar for M&E officials was held on April 2019 at Maxiland Hotel, Juja and about 35 people attended including members of GWAV. . The theme for the seminar was drawn from Romans 10:14 and Mathew 28:19-20 on the great commission.
  • Training – We held a training session on 20th July 2019 in conjunction with the GWAV where a total number of 34 members attended. Missioners were taught on how to strategize before going out for missions. The theme of the training was taken from Luke 5:10, Isaiah 4:18 &   Acts 1:8.
  • Outreach Mission
    • Woyani Mission: From 7th to 11th November 2018 Missions and Evangelism in partnership with other Missioners from the Presbytery and other Church Group Members took the word to Woyani
    • Mosiro Mission: This Mission took place between 21st to 24th February 2019 where the missioners spread the Gospel to the locals on door to door mission and in a Crusade at the market place. We also distributed over 40 sacks of assorted clothes for men, women and children.  Sukari parish also facilitated the building of a sanctuary at Olepolos village where the Sunday service was celebrated.
    • Gilgil Mission: On 10th March 2019 a group of missioners travelled to Gilgil Parish to spread the word of God and later held a revival meeting and a fundraiser to buy music instruments. The missioners were distributed to all the 14 congregations where they shared the good
  • Nendeni Week – Nendeni Week was celebrated from 2nd - 8th September 2019. From Monday to Saturday we held evening revivals in the Church from 7.00pm to, door to door mission on Thursday & Friday from 8.30-5.00 p.m. at Engen Flats area. On Saturday we partnered with P.C.E.A Evergreen Church, Runda to do a door to door mission and a crusade at Githogoro slum. 123 souls gave their lives to Christ.