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Woman's Guild

Who We Are

 Who we are,

The P.C.E.A. Woman's Guild is a fellowship of women and girls in the Presbyterian Church of East Africa, whose main objective is to bring together women and girls for,

  • Christian fellowship
  • worship and
  • service


Pillars of the Woman’s Guild

The Woman’s Guild is founded upon three pillars indicated above that is;



As members of the P.C.E.A Woman’s Guild, we worship God who is the creator of heaven and earth, we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our saviour who died for our sins. We believe in The Holy Spirit as our counsellor, our teacher in the things of God. We also believe in the life to come (eternal life).



We come as individuals and form a fellowship of women. We come to encourage one another, to share our joys, pains and ideas, to study the word of God together and to pray together. (Eph 5:19)



  • We come to serve both man and God. Our 1st and most important service begins at home. We need to play the role as wives, mothers, and as members of the extended family.
  • From the home, we move out to serve in the church; we give our time, talents and money to build the church.
  • From the church we go out further to serve the community in various capacities that the Lord and the community may call us to serve.
  • We must never forget the less fortunate members of our society; the poor, the oppressed, the sick and those who are vulnerable, the widows, the widowers and orphans.


Woman’s Guild History?

This is a fellowship of women and girls of Presbyterian Church of East Africa. It is founded on the Bible teaching in Romans 12:11-13 (“not lagging in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation, continuing steadfastly in prayer, distributing to the needs of the saints, given to hospitality.”)

  • Founded in 1922 for girls
  • First dedication in 1923 and called GIRL’S GUILD
  • Second dedication was in 1926
  • Between 1930 – 1943 the Guild lapsed but was revived. The girls who started were already grown up women and so the name changed to WOMAN’S GUILD open to both girls and women today.
  • The headscarf, card and badge are issued to the Guild member during the dedication as a sign of membership and a reminder of the fellowship she belongs to. Also, a reminder of the vows
  • P.C.E.A. Woman’s Guild is a fellowship of Christian women who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, who serve Him in their homes, Church and the Community.
  • It is referred to as “Woman’s Guild” and not “Women’s Guild” because the woman comes as an individual and you commit and serve as an individual.


what we do, how we do it, who we do it for, and where we do it



To be an inclusive Christian woman organization that empowers women to transform society


To holistically empower Christian women enabling them to effectively transform the society through worship, fellowship, networking, partnerships, advocacy and communication, mobilization of resources, research and training based on Christian values.

Our core Values

  • God fearing and Christian service
  • Christian fellowship
  • Honesty, Integrity and Accountability
  • Inclusive participation and collaborative partnership
  • Christian compassion and empathy
  • Strong Christian families as the foundation of society
  • Self-confidence and continued self-development


Roles of Woman's Guild

  •  Preaching the word of Jesus Christ and winning souls for Christ
  •  Visit the sick, the orphans and the elderly within and without the community
  •  Sharing food and clothing with the less fortunate
  •  Following up the weak and strengthening them
  • Seeking and finding the lost and helping them get back to Christ
  •  Attending to the needy cases within the community
  • Prayer and fellowship meetings amongst themselves
  • Trains and educate one another and contribute to spiritual growth of every women.
  •  Working together with other church groups for church growth.
  •  Organizing seminars for women, youth and other church groups
  • Beatification of the church hall


Sukari Parish Woman’s Guild

Invites you to be a member of Woman’s Guild


Why Join Woman’s Guild?

  • For spiritual growth and strengthening faith
  • For fellowshipping together with other members
  • Ways to contribute to the church and the community
  • For learning together
  • For networking and socialization
  • For long-term friendships
  • For emotional support
  • To attend mission work including and not limited to needy cases, prisoners, , neglected in the society
  • For act of mercy



Guild membership is open to all ladies and girls who are committed PCEA members. To become a member of the Woman’s Guild one has to

  • Express and declare personal interest in the woman’s guild
  • Register as follower on condition she is of blameless character
  • Participate in guild activities for not less than two years
  • Then dedicated in church ceremony officiated by the parish Moderator and given a guild headscarf and a card
  • After one year a member is issued with a badge after confirming that a member has been a keen guild follower and she is living according to the promises and vows she made when being dedicated


How is the group led?

Sukari Parish is a one congregation parish and currently have twenty Districts.


District Woman’s Guild leaders

Each District elects three officials that is chairlady, secretary and treasurer every year.


The role of District Woman’s Guild leaders is

  • To hold fellowships/ prayer meetings at district level at least once a month
  • To promote the work of the Woman’s Guild at district level
  • To take care of their members and report any issue that requires parish level attention


Parish Woman’s Guild leaders

Woman’s Guild officials of the 20 districts meets three weeks before the end of church year and elect the parish office, who serves for one year and not more than three years consecutively.


The Parish office consists of Patron - Elder elected by session, Chairlady, vice Chairlady, Treasurer, secretary and a vice secretary


The role of Parish Woman’s Guild leaders is

  • To hold fellowships/ prayer meetings at parish level at least once a month
  • To recruit and prepare the church women and girls who may wish to join the woman’s guild
  • To take care of their members and respond to any issue that requires parish level attention in all the districts
  • To organize seminars for the youth both girls and young men
  • To act as link between the parish and Nairobi Regional Guild committee



Sukari Parish Guild Fellowship

Monthly fellowship every 3rd Sunday of the month at 3.00PM